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Tuscany Cooking Classes


Peppery Stew



Preparation time: 20 minutes.
Cooking time: 2 hours.
1kg chuck steak
6 cloves of garlic
3tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
One glass red wine
Black pepper.


Put the garlic, oil, wine, steak cut into cubes, salt and freshly ground pepper(at least a level soup spoon)into a large earthenware dish. Cover completely with cold water, put on the lid and place in the oven, previously heated to 180° C. Cook for about two hours, checking that it does not dry out too much; if so, add a little warm water. The meat should be very tender by the end and the sauce well reduced and thick.

Peeled and diced tomatoes may be added to flavour the sauce. Legend has it that Filippo Brunelleschi often ate this sauce when the dome of the cathedrak was begin built. Indeed the recipe is also known as 'kiln stew' because the meat was cooked in the furnace along with the bricks. Brunelleschi had his own furnace on the building site so that he could check every single phase in the making of his masterpiece. Thus his peposo stew was baked alongside the very bricks used to build this unique structure.


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