COOKING CLASSES IN FLORENCE: Private Wine Tasting Classes

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Tuscany Cooking Classes - Italy Travels

COOKING CLASSES IN FLORENCE: à Private Wine Tasting Classes


Wine courses focus on Tuscan wines as well as on the finest wines of

other Italian regions: Piedmont, Sicily, etc.

Lessons are held by a sommelier in a wine appreciation room.

Each lesson lasts about 1 hour.

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Three level classes are available:



1 person

Rates 2-4 people

Rates 5-10 people

Rates 11-20 people

Introduction to Tuscan Wines

- Vernaccia di San Gimignano
- Chianti Classico
- Vin Santo





Intermediate Introduction to Italian Wines

- Greco di Tufo*
- Chianti Classico*
- Nobile di Montepulciano*
- Moscato di Pantelleria*









Italian & Super Tuscan Wines

- Cervaro della Sala* (Antinori)
- Brunello* (Toscana)
- Barbaresco or Barolo* (Piemonte)
- Taurasi* (Campania)
- Muffato della Sala* (Antinori) or Malvasia delle Lipari* (Sicilia)









*Three wines to be choosen from the above list.




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