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Italian Language programs are planned in cooperation with a specialized academic centre for Contemporary Italia studies.
Programs of different lenghts are available, from a week to a semester.
These programs are divided into: traditional grammar and conversation, weekly comtemporary lecture and group discussion, multi-media language lab as well as weekly optional field-trips in Florence and throughout Italy.

dynamic, modern facilities that offer the latest learning technologies in a completely restored historic palazzo just bejond the Duomo, equipped with high-tech language labs and classrooms, computer centers, reading room and lounge for students, and an amphitheater style cinema room for didactic use or thematic events such as film series open to the public.

Starting levels: Italian Beginner (A1), Intermediate I (A2), Intermediate II (B1), Intermediate III (B2), Advanced 1 (C1) and Advanced II (C2)

the three week session La Vita è bella
Each three-week session in composed of the following:

• 36 classroom hours of language instruction from 9:00 to 11:30, Monday to Thursday. Students will have daily assignments, a weekly quiz and an end of level exit before progressing to the next level.

• 9 hours of required lectures on Italian culture, history et current events, cinema every Monday and Tuesday at 12:00.

• 9 hours of required time in the Italian language and media laboratory.

• Opportunity to participate in over 36 hours of cultural and sporting activities.

• One 2-hour cooking/language lab.

450 euro per student.

More intensive programs combined with private lessons are available on request.


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