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The school was founded in 1997 with the goal of providing students with a complete culinary education. For this reason, no lesson or course is approached merely as a practical cooking lesson but the Italian cuisine is presented in its true context as related to the rich culture of Italy. Food can not be separated from Italy’s history, art and society: it represents an integral part of all these subjects.

The school is a culinary institute which offers both academic programs and programs for amateurs. Hand-on lessons are held by professional chefs in English.

The school is equipped with:

• One large production kitchen able to accommodate 12 students. This kitchen is modeled on a true restaurant kitchen in order to offer our professional students the opportunity to work in a setting similar to what they will find once the begin internships in Italian restaurants.

• One large demonstration kitchen able to accommodate 18 students. Students are grouped into work stations equipped with sink, stove tops, counter tops and all necessary utensils.

• One fully equipped individual kitchen available for customized lessons for individuals and groups of two people.

• One large restaurant and lecture area which can be used by students to enjoy their creations after cooking classes. We also use this space for tastings, culinary lectures and restaurant simulations.

• One fully-equipped kitchen to accommodate individuals and groups up to 12 people.

• One state of the art wine appreciation room, to accommodate 23 students.

• One aula magna.

LOCATION: the cooking school is located in Florence city centre, 2 minutes far from the central railway station and 5 minutes’ walking from the cathedral.


Tuscany Hands-On! Experience our unique packages that include Tuscan Culinary Traditions along with Contemporary Trends; taste the most popular wines, from Super Tuscans to niche productions! Our Culinary Experience can be combined with Gastronomic Walking tours, behind-the-scenes visits to farms, special pastry courses, bread baking, pizza and fresh pasta workshops.

Cooking can be considered a necessity, a daily performance or a form of entertainment. For some people it is merely an obligation, while for others it represents a passion. For us, cooking is a very special art form, where all senses amalgamate in its appreciation.

The Art of Cooking is therefore a full, complete experience, which involves the whole body in its total sensation. This is the reason why we associate it with our art works and our cultural heritage. The Art of Cooking has been part of it, from Etruscans and up to the present.

The programs are shaped for people who approach to “art of Italian Cooking” for the first time, or have a deeper experience in the field and just to refresh and deepen their cultural and practical knowledge of this field.
Each program also includes one or more cultural experience in Florence.

Cooking Class in Florence Kitchen 2

Cooking Class in Florence Kitchen 2

Cooking Class in Florence Room


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